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I have determined the names and information of over 3,000 individuals that have gone before us; where they lived, what they did and how they lived. Military records provide information in great detail about ancestors who lived over 250 years ago.  There are family trees, photo’s and research information found in these pages.
Gail and I have traveled extensively during the past 25 years. We love cruising, visiting our families in Australia and Oregon, searching for the towns and villages where our ancestors lived in England, France and the Isle of Man.
These pages touch on the other things in my life. I will probably add more to these items in the future as I dig up old photo’s and memories.
A number of year’s ago, when I was approaching retirement and wondering what I would be doing with myself, I luckily stumbled into Genealogy, largely because Winna Smith brought a Family Tree to a Smith Reunion. I still work at it regularly and it has led me to discover so many interesting facts and stories not only about the names of our ancestors but the type of life they led. This led me to read a lot more about those historical times and basically how we got to where we are now.

About that same time, our family had left home to lead their own lives. Then our dog died. It took a few years to figure it out, but we stumbled on the idea that we could take vacations almost any time of year. Life in the remote towns where we had lived during our early married life pretty much dictated that vacations were in July and August, and then only  to visit relatives and friends back home. We started to travel as often as we could.

Lastly, I realized that I had lead an interesting life, although not really recognizing it at the time.  Mining had introduced me to the world outside of the north of Canada, and I visited places and countries that I had never dreamed of seeing. I recorded some of that in photo’s and memories.

So I have shared it through the world of the Internet. For those interested in family history, travel and the world at large, I have prepared this Website.

Enjoy and comment at your pleasure!